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My fondest childhood memories are the story times with my father – he would read or tell us of ancient lands, magical beings, and vivid imaginings combining mythological heros be it from India, Egypt, Greece, or Africa, fairy tales, and historical events. Born in what was then called Babylon, in Mesopotamia, Persia, and having traveled widely as a serviceman in three different air forces and four continents, he had absorbed first hand the many legends that covered the many places he lived in, and loved to talk about when he spent time at home with us during ‘home’ tenures.My maternal grandmother filled the gaps when my father was away – and was no less creative or learned about ancient mythology, modern literature, and creative imagination in story telling. Call it apologue, fables, mythology or just fairy tales, what I remember is the simple joyous message one gained from them – not the words itself but perhaps the meanings. Many poems prose and lyrics mean to me what the words may not convey – and relevant perhaps just for me. So they are included here – a parking place for me. I wonder, did the author mean so too – perhaps he just didn’t want to explicitly state it?

The origin of the apologue is extremely ancient and comes from the Middle East and its surrounding area (Persia, Asia Minor, Egypt, etc.), which is the Classical fatherland of everything connected with allegory, metaphor and imagination. Veiled truth was often necessary in the Middle East, particularly among the slaves, who dared not reveal their minds too openly. It is noteworthy that the two fathers of apologue in the West were slaves, namely Aesop and Phaedrus.

And then there is Fables, stories, Lyrics, et al.. abundant wealth is what I think of as simple lessons right i front of us – if we only seek them

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